Florida is a wild-ass place, where alligators are known to frequent swimming pools and hide in sewers. Of course, one shouldn't be alarmed upon seeing one of these prehistoric beasts at one of Florida's many nature reserves, but tourists at the Circle B Bar reserve in Lakeland were in for a shock when they spotted a gator of absolutely mammoth proportions. 

In the below footage, the head of the gargantuan reptile suddenly appears out of a layer of brush, and it proceeds to saunter across a path of trimmed grass. The area is said to be called Marsh Rabbit Run. To all rabbits: Stay the f*ck away. 

This has got to be the largest gator you've ever seen, on television or otherwise. Perhaps he's rivaled by the monster in the film Lake Placid. But even this camcorder footage has been accused of using special effects. There are some who simply don't believe that creatures like this still roam the earth. These ancient giants really are the last living dinosaurs. 

The footage has been verified as 100 percent authentic, and people have been flocking to the Circle B reserve in order to get a glimpse of the park's largest inhabitant. In fact, frequenters of the reserve as well as locals are familiar with the legendary brute, who is known to them as "Humpback." Honestly, it's surprising that this thing hasn't claimed any human casualties, but it looks like Humpback has it pretty good living in such a vast sanctuary.