It turns out that not everything that Disney produces is friendly to families. 

According to TMZ, former Mouse star Adam Hicks, who had roles in shows like Zeke and Luther as well as Lemonade Mouth, has been allegedly caught on camera participating in an armed robbery incident. This isn't the first incident either, as he and his girlfriend have been arrested for committing 4 or 5 crimes of a similar nature.

In the video, you can see a black SUV stop on a residential-looking street and, moments later, witness a man jump out of the vehicle. The person who got out of the car looked to be targeting another individual who was approaching him. The robber clearly has a gun tucked under his arm while standing next to the person who approached, which clearly terrifies the unsuspecting party. The victim hands over property and proceeds to flee the scene in fear. Check it out below.

The robber, who has supposedly been identified as Hicks, strolls back to the SUV and promptly gets out of there unharmed. Hicks and his girlfriend, actress Danni Tamburo, were pinpointed by police a short time later though and booked for armed robbery. They've reportedly been targeting walkers in the Burbank area, taking cash, smartphones and other goods that would be hard to trace. In fact, two of the other alleged victims are women in their 70s. There's no word on whether they will be sentenced to jail time or be released from prison in the near future.