Years removed from their tenure with the label, former members of the 00s hip-hop collective G-Unithave since discussed tales of their time. In an interview with VLAD TV late last year, Yung Buck came forward with multiple tales of how he was sabotaged within G-Unit and how his problems with co-founder 50 Cent escalated.

He claimed Fifty blocked him and former G-Unit members from partaking in a multi-million dollar deal before eventually dashing all hope of a potential reunion. Now, former member Hot Rod is speaking of his experiences and time spent under the imprint. This week, the artist appeared on the FlipDaScript podcast to open up about the issues he had with people around 50 Cent. 

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In this 40 minute segment of the three-hour-long plus interview, things mainly centered around his dislike for former G-Unit Records manager Hovain, whom he believed sabotaged his career. 

He further discussed how he believed other people in Queens, like G-Unit, started to like him less after he received a co-sign for Fifty. Elsewhere, he got into how he was kicked out of 50 Cent's mansion and how the late Mazaradi Fox helped save his life during his beef with Jimmy Henchmen. 

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Henchmen is an American entertainment industry executive and convicted drug trafficker and murderer charged in connection with the death of former 50 Cent associate Lowell "Lodi Mack" Fletcher. 

Check out the full conversation below.