A former assistant for Harvey Weinstein, Rowena Chiu, is set to share the graphic story of Weinstein's attempt to rape her during a new documentary series Harvey Weinstein: ID Breaking Now.

Harvey Weinstein, Assistant, CoronavirusSpencer Platt / Getty Images

The former Miramax assistant says that Weinstein attempted to rape her at the 1998 Venice Film Festival. Two months into the job, Weinstein invited her to a late-night meeting, where he tried to force her into a bed and throw himself on her. She fended him off and escaped. 

Eventually, the two reached a $426,000 settlement, which included non-disclosure agreements.

“It was a very difficult number of years after signing the NDA, the business of not speaking is a huge burden to bear,” she told the New York Post. “I attempted to commit suicide twice, three years after signing the agreement. It was an incredible struggle and eventually, I rebuilt my life.”

Weinstein received 23 years in prison in March 2020.

“On the day of sentencing when he got 23 years, that was very vindicating. He has destroyed so many lives," she said.

“It took a long time, an entire movement for some survivors to have the courage to come out,” she said. “I would hope that when the world finally gets back to business after coronavirus some of that momentum will continue.”

Harvey Weinstein: ID Breaking Now will air on the Investigation Discovery network, Sunday at 10:00 PM.