Former Miami Dolphins star Ricky Williams has been keeping a fairly low profile these days, and as it turns out, he isn't even going by his name anymore. Instead, the man has completely changed his name due to an "imbalance" in his marriage, as explained on the Dan LeBatard Show.

Essentially, Williams felt like his wife was being left out of social situations due to the fact that his name brings so much attention. As a result, he decided to adopt her last name which is Miron. He also made his first name Errick, which just so happens to be the name he was born with. Simply put, Ricky Williams is now Errick Miron.

Ricky Williams

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"Something I've been thinking about and talking about, and I finally went through the steps and I went to the social security office with my marriage certificate and I went through the process," Williams said. "It was quick and easy and it felt meaningful. It felt really meaningful."

This is definitely a change that fans will have to become accustomed to, however, it is crystal clear that this meant a lot to Miron. Hopefully, the change allows him to have the marriage he so desires. 

Ricky Williams

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