Domo Schneckenburg used to work at Pho Shack in both Katy and Sugar Land, Texas before she dramatically quit due to the restaurant's owners freely using the n-word. Domo posted screenshots of a message between co-owner Danh Le, his associate, and herself after she quit her job after working as a general manager for over two years. 

“Domo just called and say she quit,” Danh wrote in the message, via Yahoo. “I said ok. Thank you. Her last day will be Thursday. Ima call her later and tell her her last day will be today. F*** the [N-word]. Don’t like that b**** attitude anyways.”

Domo told the publication that receiving the message made her react in a physical way. “When I got the text, I was extremely hurt and angry and I flipped a table over,” she said. “I also called a staff meeting because I wanted everyone to know what the owner thinks of me.”

She later wrote on Facebook that the conversation "was a rude awakening that the stereotypes between black and Asians are still true, New generation or not."

"Regardless of how long you have known them, how hard you have worked, how trustworthy you have been, whether or not the family knows you, etc. You’re still a [N-word] in their eyes. I guess my first sign should have been when the owners would casually say ‘[N-word]’ until I told them it made me uncomfortable…”

Danh has since apologized with a lengthy post on Facebook. “I have apologized to Domo, my black employees, and my brother and co-owner, who want nothing to do with me,” he wrote. “I am very, very sorry and I will never do this again.”