Veronica Beckham, a woman who once performed at a strip club for a living, has been granted a six figure inheritance from a client she had formed a platonic bond with. The woman had met Micky Liu, an executive for HBO, at the Scores in Atlantic City in 2014. 

Less than a year later, Liu had passed away as a result of his obesity, diabetes, heart-disease and chronic alcoholism. However, he and Beckham were able to manifest an "everlasting friendship," which she believes to be the reason Liu had name her the primary beneficiary of his retirement accounts and a life insurance policy that totalled upwards of $223,000. 

However, May Liu, Micky's sister, believes that Beckham "as a professional exotic dancer, was adept at applying and using coercion and manipulation upon men." May's Manhattan Surrogate Court's suit alleges that Beckham "preyed upon Micky Liu’s vulnerability by exerting influence over him in the form of moral coercion." 

Beckham denies that she was a gold-digger or had a sexual relationship with Micky. "None of the stuff about me enticing him into naming me as a beneficiary is true. I was very hurt by the lurid and untrue allegations," reveals the erstwhile exotic dancer. 

Justice Rita Mella, who presided over the case, reveals that Beckham is legally entitled to the inheritance because only a previous beneficiary, such as Liu's ex-girlfriends, could sure her for the funds.