Yesterday, Gabbi Tuft, an ex-WWE superstar who performed under the ring name “Tyler Reks” from 2009 to 2012, shared her identity with the world, revealing that she is transgender. In an Instagram post, Tuft makes an official statement, proclaiming, “This is me. Unashamed, unabashedly me.”

A passage in her Instagram post reads, “The previous eight months have been some of the darkest of my entire life. The emotional turmoil of being transgender and having to face the world has almost ended me on multiple occasions.”

She continues by saying, “However, the day I stopped caring about what other people thought, was the day I truly became limitless and allowed my authentic self to come into the light.”

Tuft remains married to her wife Priscilla, who along with their daughter has helped Tuft throughout her transition. Since Tuft's announcement, fans and wrestlers alike have been congratulating the former wrestler on social media and offering her kind words of encouragement.

Months earlier, Umbrella Academy and Juno star Elliot Page came out as transgender, and he was met with an outpouring of support from media outlets and social media. So far, Gabbi Tuft’s announcement has elicited similarly positive responses. Moving forward, she is determined to be "transparent and truthful" in order to serve as a role model for younger transitioning people who might be struggling, too.