It's time to drop in because, finally, the second season of Fortnite: Chapter 2 has gone live. The ultra-successful game franchise, created by Epic Games, absolutely took over the world with its online capabilities, with some people even arguing that the series is even more addictive than cocaine. While that's debatable, it has definitely taken over the lives of many. If you're lucky, you might get so skilled that you can earn money by playing. Unfortunately though, if you haven't already reached that point, there's not really a point in working on it now. Gamers like Ninja are making millions of dollars on an annual basis just from streaming their Fortnite sessions and now, the second season of Chapter 2 has officially gone live, eliciting a massive fan reaction on social media.

This time around, you'll want to choose wisely off the bat because, as per the official Twitter account for the game, players will need to pick which side they want to join and the selection is irreversible: Ghost or Shadow. We've got a spy-oriented theme this season, spicing things up from the debut of Season 1 back in October 2019. Complex reports that a major overhaul of the map has been effected, making things a little more interesting for experienced players, and a number of new skins are available. Most notably, a Deadpool skin can be activated. 

Have you started playing the new chapter yet and, if so, what do you think of it?