Fortnite has become the most popular gaming phenomenon of the year and although Epic Games is now facing a few lawsuits regarding their use of hip-hop's hottest dances, they're still pedalling into the holidays with plenty of steam. The game recently announced their 14 Days of Fortnite challenge for Christmas, introducing the first goal yesterday. All you had to do was join the Creative server, which wasn't really much of a challenge at all. Here's where the fun begins though. Today, you're being asked to find two giant candy canes on the map and thanks to Forbes, it will be a little easier to locate them.

Thankfully, you don't need to find both the candy canes in the same match. That would have proved to be nearly impossible. Instead, you can locate them in separate games. According to the publication, there are only four candy canes on the map and all of them are located on top of mountains or hills. Three of them are appropriately placed in the new snow region while the fourth lies all the way across the map in the Wailing Woods. The prize for finding two canes is the "Festive Firefight" loading screen. 

In case you're not really up for a challenge in finding them, the exact locations are below.

"There’s a candy cane on top of a mountain north of the new airfield, it’s up pretty high so this one may be the hardest to reach.

There’s a candy cane on a snowy hill just to the east of Shifty Shafts, and its proximity to an actual named location is solid.

There’s a candy cane on a snowy hill to the west of Fatal Fields, right where the snow part of the map meets the grass part.

There’s a candy cane way far away from all of these in the northeast of the map between The Block and Wailing Woods on a hill."

Check out the map here.