Epic Games has finally launched their v5.30 patch for Fortnite, and things are getting very interesting. The most impressive new feature is the Rift-To-Go grenade. As the name implies, the new grenade will implement the rifts to transport players to safety. Much like the rifts that already appear on the map, players can dive through and reappear in the sky where they can either float down to safety or sneak up on a competitor. 

A new Limited Time Mode called Score Royale has also been introduced. Usually, gamers must be the last man standing to win in Fortnite, but in this mode, points will be calculated for everything the gamer does. Whoever ends the match with the most points, wins. Here is how the points break down:

-Winning Score (Solo) - 2000
-Winning Score (Duos) - 3000
-Winning Score (Squads) - 4500
-Use an Apple or Mushroom - 10
-Open an Ammo Box - 25
-Open a Llama - 50
-Open a Supply Drop - 100
-Eliminate an Enemy - 100
-Open a Treasure Chest - 50
-Find a Bronze Coin - 30
-Find a Silver Coin - 50
-Find a Gold Coin - 100

Other updates include a new weapon called the Bundlebuss Assault Rifle, and Tomato Town has been replaced by Tomato Temple. Horde Challenge (Save The World) continues with new week three challenges, and the usual list of recent bugs have been dealt with. Check out a list of all the new updates here