The current most popular video game on earth, Fortnite, is everywhere and getting bigger by the day with every update. One of the reasons it's so big, no doubt, is that it's a video game and not a board game. But, Epic Games has gone ahead and linked up with Hasbro anyway to create the "Fortnite Edition" of Monopoly which will have "Battle Royale rules."

The website Zavvi accidentally made the preorder of the new game available for a short while before realizing the mistake. It was up long enough that we still have all the information:

You’re still picking up properties, but instead of money you have health points. Instead of paying for spaces, it’s just first come first serve. Each turn you roll two dice, one that moves you forward and another that allows you to take an action. You’ll be able to shoot a player on the same side of the board as you; build a wall on the space you’re currently on to protect yourself from being shot; drop a Boogie Bomb, which causes each player to lose health; or apply a bandage to regain health. If you lose all your health points, you lose, and just like the video game, the last player standing wins.