Fortnite is taking over the gaming world. Since its launch last year, Fortnite has steadily increased in popularity and earned the cosigns of several prominent rappers including Drake, Logic, and Lil Yatchy. The battle royale styled game is already on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and according to new leaks, Fortnite will be coming to the Nintendo Switch. E3, which is the premier video game expo, launches in two weeks but a photo of Nintendo's booth for the event appeared on 4Chan this week. The photo clearly shows that a Fortnite launch is on Nintendo's schedule, along with a new Mario tennis game, FIFA 19, Overcooked 2, and a few other titles. The release date for the game has not been released yet.

Fortnite for the Nintendo Switch also earned a rating from Korea’s official ratings board. The two leaks point to a Fortnite launch on the Switch, which will undoubtedly be announced during E3. Fortnite for the Switch is speculated to function much like the game does on mobile, which utilizes the touchscreen. In the month of April, Fortnite raked in $296 million, and with a looming launch for the Switch around the corner, developer Epic Games should expect to increase their revenue.