We've got less than a week until Valentine's Day, and Epic Games decided to add an update to Fortnite for those who made solid plans with their computer for the occasion.

Chesnot/Getty Images

With the latest 11.5 update, a new "Love and War" event was created to spark up a little competition amongst those who have a love for the game. The Search and Destroy mode is reworked into a limited-time game where two teams of six are given various objectives to complete, one on the offense and the other holding down the defense. The latter group will have to protect a designated bomb site that "attackers" will be tasked to destroy. Although this sounds like the farthest thing from what Valentine's Day was created to represent, the "lover's quarrel" spin that Fortnite adds here is actually pretty funny when you think about it.

With Fortnite's "Love and War" update, the first team to reach six victories wins the game. Bonus prizes can also be won based on specific objectives, so start playing now as the Valentine’s Day event is officially underway and will run until February 17. Read more into the challenge and rewards by heading over to Epic Games.