Fortnite players have been marveling at the meteor that appeared in the sky for some time now. The streaking ball of fire appeared weeks ago, and keen-eyed data miners and gamers utilizing the new replay option were quick to discern that the meteor was headed towards Tilted Towers. The Towers is one of the most hectic and popular locations in the battle royale styled game because gamers drop there in multitudes attempting to acquire the best gear. If developer Epic Games did decide to destroy the small city, it would change the dynamics of game drops, for better or for worse. After weeks of speculation, fans narrowed down the possible meteor impact date and location by using what they believe to be a hidden message in Morse code. 

Fortnite players are reporting random controller vibrations that may not be so random. After experiencing the vibrations, some gamers claimed that the tremors were actually a hidden message in Morse code that translated to SOS D5 418. On the grid, Titled Towers' location sits at D5, while the 418 is being speculated as April, 18. Some gamers thought the date stood for April 1, 2018, possibly signaling an April Fool's Day joke, but the meteor crash never came to pass on that day. If the game developers were clever enough to send Morse code messages, and gamers were quick enough to pick it up, this might be one the most ingenious marketing moves utilized by a video game.