For weeks, gamers have been speculating over the launch of the rocket nestled in the villain base in Fortnite. At one point, data miners were sure that the rocket would be launched after player interaction, but that theory was proven false. A countdown in the game also appeared that led gamers to believe the rocket would launch, but when the timer hit zero, nothing happened. It is possible that game developer Epic Games is battling data miners by switching things up as they leak, and now a final date for the rocket launch has been announced. Today (June 30).

We have reached the last day of the month, and Epic Games is ready for launch. YouTube streamer Muselk hopped on Twitter to give fans an insight into when the rocket would launch. "Guys. Be at the rocket at 1:30pm Eastern time on Saturday," he wrote. "Something big is gonna happen. And its only gonna happen once. Thats all Im gonna say." The live event will happen simultaneously for all gamers logged in to Fortnite this afternoon. The rocket silo is located just north of Snobby Shores. 

The only thing to speculate on now is how the launch will affect the game. Will there be aliens that invade, or will the launch somehow change the environment? We'll find out in a couple of hours.