Fortnite Season 4 is set to debut on Tuesday, May 1 for the millions of diehard fans maneuvering through the game's series of challenges. The current season is expected to end at 8:30 am Tuesday morning, which means that players will have one more day to unlock all of the Battle Pass rewards. However, the start time for season 4 has not yet been revealed, but expect the game to be closed for maintenance in preparation for this new set of obstacles to tackle. 

Season 4 has been teased on Twitter, revealing a slew of DC comic book superhero skins.

A comet is said to strike Dusty Depot by season's 3's end, which some view as a chance for Epic (the game's manufacturer) to update the setting and challenges in a new and exciting manner, while also evolving the Battle Royale map.

According to reports, the map will be revised on a weekly basis after Epic was allegedly displeased with how Tilted Towers was released to very little fanfare. 

Dataminers have also been able to unearth some new skydiving trails, including one involving toilet paper, which will most likely entertain a bulk of players.