The biggest gaming phenomenon this year has been Fortnite and it's not even really close. While games like Red Dead Redemption 2 have captured our attention for weeks, Fortnite is back with a major announcement that is sure to get a whole lot of their fans back. It was rumored that Epic would be announcing something major pertaining to the upcoming season of the popular video game and, as expected, they came through with the release date for Season 7.

If you've been waiting for news about Fortnite Season 7, today is your lucky day. You won't need to wait much longer as, before the end of the week, it will be made available for download. Confirming the release date on their official Twitter account, Fortnite told fans that in just three days, Season 7 will be here. On top of that, some big news has been teased for the upcoming Game Awards on December 6, which is interesting now that we know the new season will be live on the same day. What could they possibly be planning?

Hip-hop and Fortnite have been intertwined since the game initially burst onto the scene. The developers have integrated animations for several popular dances that envelop hip-hop culture, like BlocBoy JB's "Shoot" and the "Milly Rock." Are you looking forward to Season 7?