Fortnite battle royale has many entertaining features. For example, game developers Epic Games created an innovative building function that is essential to how Fortnite is played. Mastery of mining and building are crucial for success in the battle royale style game. Gamers who can survive on the large map with 100 players to remain as the last player alive (or last squad alive) wins the match. Now, Epic Games is introducing a new element to the survival madness, a vehicle. 

Before you get too excited, Fortnite is not adding cars or SUVs. There will be no motorcycles or even bicycles. Instead, Epic Games is introducing shopping carts as a mode of transportation. Gamers can ride solo, or roll along with a buddy in the shopping carts, which are expected to arrive this week with the v4.3 update. How the shopping carts will work is anyone's guess. Gamers might be able to carry them around in their inventory, or they might just be scattered randomly across the map for use on-site like vehicles in other games. Fortnite players have been asking for a vehicle update for months now, something that competitor PUBG has had from the start. In related news, PUBG is suing Fortnite for copyright infringement.