The game that's taken the world by storm has just gotten bigger. Fortnite which has, until now, only had two game modes ("Battle Royale" and "Save The World") is getting another one called "Creative."

The news was leaked by a YouTuber named Lachlan was given early access to the game and broke the Epic Games embargo on videos of it by posting this:

Creative Mode Leak mirror Credit: Lachlan from r/FortNiteBR

The term embargo carries heavy connotations of economic sanctions, but this is far from the former Cuba-USA situation. The developer simply doesn't want the new game mode leaked before Epic can do it on their own terms. 

The game mode starts with players being dropped into a little stonehenge looking area with different rocks acting as "rifts" into other peoples' open-world sandboxes. There are a few "featured" areas, which the developers choose based on maybe popularity or merit, sort of like an editor's choice. Each player also gets the freedom to create there own sandbox (accessible through another rift) where they can build their own world, set their own rules and invite friends to come and play. Each player will get four "islands" on which to create. 

The game mode is rumoured to be releasing to the public tomorrow (Thursday) but this information is, as of now, unconfirmed by Epic.