Fortnite has been quite a stir in recent weeks and months and looks unlikely to stop any time soon. The obsessions with secrets and challenges within the game seems just about infinite, even if the challenge is simply finding a piano and jumping on the keys to bang out a crude melody. 

The game is now in its seventh season, and the them of this one is Christmas, so there's a ripped Santa, snowmen, a Christmas plane and also just plain snow. There is also, probably to the annoyance and dismay of many, Christmas music. The piano challenges get players to, first, find the pianos and then play them by jumping on the giant keys. It's hard to hear exactly what you're playing while you do it, rhythm being a much more subtle skill than the jumping in Fortnite, but once you finish stomping out the notes spelled out on the sheet music, the piano will play the song in time for you.

One of the songs, by Lonely Lodge, has the following notes: C, C, C, F, F, F, E, F, G, A, A#, G, and A. If you bang these out, you get a very familiar Christmas melody. Watch how to find the piano below: