Four more women have gone public with accusations of rape against Ian Connor, the hip-hop fashion persona and noted creative partner of Kanye West.

Kadiata Diallo, now 19, told the Daily Mail that she was raped by Connor when she was 16 and still a virgin. The other woman, whom the Daily Mail has called Alyssa in order to protect her anonymity, is 18-years-old, and she says Connor assaulted her last October at a house party in West Hollywood that was hosted by rapper Fredo Santana.

Diallo said she was raped during the second time she had hung out with Connor. Before the alleged assault, she says that Connor asked her, "Why did you come here if you're not going to do anything with me?" "I just thought we were going to be hanging out," explained Diallo. "I wasn't ready to lose my virginity." She went on to reveal that Connor didn't use a condom when he raped her. Diallo explained that she didn't file a police report because she didn't think anyone would believe her and because she didn't want her parents to find out.

Alyssa was a high school student visiting Los Angeles to look at colleges. She told Daily Mail that Connor pushed her into a bedroom and raped her. "He pushed my head down and then he had his other arm around my body," she said. "That's when he started to rape me. I was screaming and crying."

A few days after Diallo and Alyssa came forward, two more woman went public with accusations that they had also been raped by Connor: Jenni Stampley, 19, and Taryn Williams, 23, both of whom met Connor through social media.

In an interview with Daily Mail, Stampley alleges that Connor flew her out to Toronto in April. She says that Connor was initially friendly and then increasingly hostile, "thrusting his fingers into her mouth and asking her to suck them" and informing her they would have to sleep in the same bed. She says that Connor undressed and forcibly entered Stampley from behind. "I could feel him pressed against me so I tried to move but he just grabbed the back of my neck and my hair and pushed my face into the pillow," she said. "I was trying to talk and he was like, 'shut the fuck up'. So then I stopped [trying to move]. He's not big but I tried to move at first and I couldn't so I just stopped."

Since her story went public, he texted threatening to sue, writing "I pray that you have a good lawyer because I will be getting everything." He later posted a screenshot of a text exchange from Stampley from April in which she wrote, "When are you gonna fuck me again?"

Williams, a fashion student from LA, alleges that Connor raped her during October 2014 at his former apartment in the Northridge section of Los Angeles. She claims that she wasn't interested in having sex with Connor but he refused to take no for an answer. During the encounter, he repeatedly said, "You're being weird, stop being weird."

In April, Connor was accused of rape by a woman named Malika Anderson. Chicago singer Jean Deaux soon brought forth her own allegations of rape against Connor. She alleged that he assaulted her in 2013, when she was 18 years old, and she expressed regret that she had not helped Anderson's case by coming forward with her own story. The police report that Anderson had filed against Connor was closed at the time when she made her accusations public via a post on her personal blog. Less than a week after Anderson's story went viral, it was reported that her case had been reopened by Georgia police, which, as of earlier this week, have reportedly been closed once again.

In a series of tweets, Connor effectively denied all the accusations against him.

Connor lashed out on Twitter after Diallo's most recent allegations made headlines, though, at first, his tweets seem to apply not to Diallo but to "Twitter Feminists" who ostensibly made him aware of their outrage to the latest accusations against him. He then implied that one of the women who is bringing him negative press is doing so because she cheated on her boyfriend -- perhaps with Connor -- and couldn't "handle the consequences of being caught." 

In a couple of since-deleted posts, he reverted his anger back to his first accuser, Malika Anderson. After calling her "a walking trash can emoji," he posted a picture of her along with the caption: "Warning - Filled with lies and gonorrhea." He implied that she's likely in Atlanta or Chicago and commanded his followers to "stay away!" He has since deleted the tweet.