Tucker Carlson is currently facing a storm of online backlash stemming from comments he recently made about the Black Lives Matter movement and recent protests. During his primetime Fox News segment last night, Carlson questioned the intentions of protests against policebrutality and George Floyd’s death, declaring “This may be about a lot of things… but it is definitely not about black lives.” He also warned his audience to “Remember that when they come for you," adding "at this rate, they will.” 

While some conservative commentators applauded Carlson, many others harshly condemned him, causing #tuckercarlsonisaracist to trend on twitter as users pleaded advertisers to stop sponsoring his segment. The public has been most up in arms about Carlson’s “when they come for you” warning, believing that Carlson was referring to black people specifically when referencing “they.”



Although some seem to be shocked by Carlson’s words, other twitter users say they are less surprised and that they have always known the host to be a racist. 


Meanwhile, Carlson and his supporters insist that the words causing outrage were taken out of context by those looking to cause controversy. A Fox News spokesman told the Washington Post: “Tucker’s warning about ‘when they come for you’ was clearly referring to Democratic leaders and inner city politicians,” while Carlson defended himself saying “You’re not allowed to question Black Lives Matter in any way. Full stop…That rule has been enforced without mercy everywhere.”

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