Foxy Brown vehemently denies running off with the proceeds for a "no-show" performance during New York Fashion Week. The Brooklyn rapper was booked to perform two songs at a LaQuan Smith-hosted event. She reportedly received five thousand dollars as an advance, then demanded another five upon arrival. The trouble is all the invited guests had already left by the time Foxy arrived backstage. But according to Foxy, that's not evenly remotely true of the incident. Her side of the story is only now starting to make the rounds. 

In an Instagram post she shared yesterday, Foxy labeled the misunderstanding a "fashion fairy tale," deferring all the blame for her non-performance to designer LaQuan Smith, to whom the honor went (for the event itself). The infuriated rapper accused the fashion designer of trying to thwart her "incredible" musical comeback story, or knock the wind in her sails.

"As our upper echelon, BLACK SUPER HERO OF FASHION, I’m embarrassed for YOU and alleged that the whole sordid situation was a scandalous attempt to bring discord into MY INCREDIBLE COMEBACK!" she wrote.

Foxy Brown asserts that she was handed a blank, undated check by Laquan, which was subsequently canceled by forces unseen. Foxy promises a fierce litigation will come his way. In the meantime, Foxy does gain some points for airing her side of the story over a Sizzla-backing track. Stay tuned, the high jinks have only just begun.