Francis Ngannou is one of the best fighters in the entire UFC and he is currently the heavyweight champion. He is set to fight Derrick Lewis in a few months from now where he will get to defend his title for the very first time. Of course, most fans wanted to see Ngannou go up against Jon Jones, however, a contract dispute with Dana White prevented that from happening. Since then, many have been speaking honestly about White's practices when it comes to paying his fighters, and it's clear that many want a change.

This discourse was on full display last night as Logan Paul got to fight Floyd Mayweather. Paul is projected to make millions of dollars from the match and considering his lack of experience, many fighters aren't impressed. Among them is Ngannou, who took to Twitter to voice his displeasure about the whole thing.

"It's crazy to think that Logan Paul (0-1) just made $20M on a boxing exhibition," he wrote. "WHAT ARE WE DOING WRONG?"

UFC fighters are known for being exceptionally underpaid, and interestingly enough, Logan's brother Jake is one of the men looking to fix that. He has consistently been calling out White for wage theft, and he seems determined to get UFC fighters their fair share.

Perhaps Ngannou should link up with Jake and start some sort of union, and then maybe we will finally get the fights we've wanted from the start.

Logan Paul and Floyd MayweatherCliff Hawkins/Getty Images