Frank Ocean is an elusive being. Artistic beyond comprehension, the Odd Future-birthed visionary has been consistently forging his own path, often to masterful results. Evidently, his short but stacked discography has his legions of fans secretly muttering "GOAT" beneath their breath. Hyperbole aside, it's hard to argue with the Frank praise, especially when albums like Blond remain in the picture. A definitive album holding vast importance for many, Frank's 2016 project recently secured the position of Pitchfork's best album of the entire decade

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

With the full list having arrived yesterday, it didn't take long for readers to scroll through the wall of text and jumpstart the Top 10 debate. And while several notable snubs left feelings hurt, it's safe to say that the mass consensus took little issue with the Frank selection. Though it may or may not hold the crowning achievement of our own upcoming list (look for that next year, once the 2010s are proper done), there's no arguing that Blond is worthy of acclaim, and Frank Ocean deserves to be praised for his efforts.

Humble though he may be, Frank took to Instagram for a rare story, taking a moment to show some love to the publication. It's a brief statement, a story told in EMOJI, but a wholesome one nonetheless. Congrats, Frank!