Frank Ocean can definitely be rated as a fashion icon so it's no surprise when he fronts the cover of a magazine or has a feature in a major spread making a statement.

Although we love to get a look at the singer and his fascinating get-ups and hair colours, we're always reminded of how much we want to hear more music...for some of us anyway. 

In Frank's latest feature, the "Nikes" singer fronts pair of a Vans, high white socks, bedazzled shorts and white t-shirt for the cover of the Berlin-based magazine 032c’s new winter issue. The spread dubbed “BERLIN KIDZ” was shot by Petra Collins in New Jersey, and styled by Mel Ottenberg.

The issue will feature three more covers, where one has already been revealed that sees Italian model Vittoria Ceretti perched nude on a rocky shoreline in nothing but rubber boots. The other two covers will be revealed on their Instagram account in due time. 

Another notable magazine feature by Frank was his visual and personal essay on saying "yes" for i-D magazine.

"You can answer a lot of questions with "Yes." But you can answer many more with "No." No is run-of-the-mill. Yes is a gem," his essay reads. "Whenever I feel alone I watch live television, something about it being okay on their end makes it okay on mine. Onstage one in-ear is my mic feed and the other one is a Tim Ferriss podcast. I go long periods without talking but I raise my voice when the people on the phone are in loud places. I've never given my fans nicknames because the ones I think of are embarrassing. I'm world famous. I had peace in my twenties.