A few years ago, Frank Ocean made a rare public appearance by visiting the White House. His choice of footwear was criticized by folks who believed he should have worn a more formal shoe as he showed up in checkerboard Vans. Admittedly, I rock my checkered Vans on a near daily basis so I see nothing wrong with that but some were offended by his outfit choice. It's still being brought up several years later, even though a new man is in office. One person that has always been quick to defend the elusive artist for the choice is Whoopi Goldberg and during her recent episode of Sneaker Shopping with Complex, she made it clear that she was behind the "Pyramids" singer.

The actor was the latest subject to be taken to a sneaker shop by Complex as she picked out her favorite silhouettes, spending upwards $1,200 at the end of the day. When the host brought up Frank's White House visit, Goldberg defended him again. She said, "If that's what's freaking you out, you got more time on your hands than you know. The man is at the White House. Frank Ocean! And he gets to be whoever he is when he goes. That's the beauty of being an American and going to the White House." She backtracks on that last comment a little, correcting herself by saying "or it was..." 

It's been a busy day for Frank news as his Blonded Radio show on Beats 1 is finally making a return for a special mid-term election episode. Check out Whoopi speaking on the visit below.