Frank Ocean generally does not create headlines on a regular basis. He prefers to stay home, keeping his public appearances to an absolute minimum. The artist hasn't given us any hints to believe that he's working on an album but his recently-public Instagram account gives fans a minor opportunity to see into his life. For years, his social imprint was limited to Tumblr but now that everybody is moving away from the medium, he's showing glimpses of his personal sphere on Insta. This weekend, the Blonde singer showed off some new ink that he was getting done on his leg, tattooing one of Matt Groening's pieces over some existing work.

Frank posted a new image on his Instagram story, showing a tattoo that he had gotten done on his thigh. After some quick research, Hypebeast noted that the artwork on his leg was designed by Matt Groening of The Simpsons fame. The work shows two couples, one homosexual and another heterosexual, asking "which is better." Sexuality has been a theme that Frank has enjoyed writing about in the past, discussing his bisexuality in songs like "Chanel." 

The artist's new tattoo implies that there is no difference between a straight couple and a gay one, noting that things like "happiness," "societal approval" and "heartbreak" are present in all relationships. Check out Frank's new ink above.