[Update: Frank Ocean Debuts "Endless" Visual Album]

So after some further research it turns out what we're watching on his website, BoysDontCry.co, is indeed a visual album called Endless, which can be found on iTunes. The 45-minute visual album, which consists of 18 new tracks with contributions from Jazmine Sullivan and Sampha, can be viewed entirely via Apple Music.

As always, we'll continue to keep you posted as more unfolds. (Full album credits can be viewed in the gallery above)

[Original Story]

Well there finally looks to be some sort of update with Frank Ocean’s long awaited Boys Don’t Cry album. His website, BoysDontCry.co, was just updated with the same video that was posted last week of him working on some sort of wooden staircase, except this time there’s music playing the background, presumably off the album.

From what he heard, Frank appears to be showcasing a lot of rapping throughout the album, and a guest appearance from James Blake has already been spotted.

In true Frank Ocean fashion, there’s absolutely no details as for what’s going on or when the album will surface entirely via Apple Music, but this definitely has to be a sign of something to come.

Head over to BoysDontCry.co to hear the new music, and we’ll continue to update you with any tidbit of information we run across in the meantime.