Frank Ocean is a unicorn-like figure in the music world. When he appears, it's as magical as ever. The man has a way with his words, evoking all kinds of emotion through his art. However, he sporadically pops out, making his rare sighting all the more special.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

While the last twelve months have admittedly been rough for anybody, Frank Ocean has also had to deal with the loss of his younger brother, who was killed in a tragic car crash last summer. Since the death of Ryan Breaux, Frank has been more private than usual, prompting fans to worry about his wellbeing. While he generally doesn't share much of his personal life with fans, people have been craving to see him pop up in public as reassurance that he's in a decent place, which happened in the last few days.

For the first time since last summer, Frank was spotted in public with Tyler, The Creator. Photographers at The Hollywood Fix managed to capture a video of Tyler walking to his car in New York City, being followed at a distance by Frank. The artist was seemingly moving without much security, outfitted in a grey peacoat, a beanie, and Adidas sneakers.

Karl Walter/Getty Images

While this doesn't signal much in terms of Frank's upcoming release calendar, it does show that he's got personal support from his closest friends, which is enough for fans to stop worrying so much about him. Hopefully, Frank is well.