Freddie Gibbs is getting hit with some serious allegations. In a series of now-deleted tweets, the mother of the rapper’s child claimed Gibbs tried to have both her and their son murdered. She writes that she filed a restraining order against Gibbs for "sending n****s to kill [her] and [her] son." The tweets go on to allude that Gibbs is a bad father, and irresponsible. 

Oddly, the tweets actually say not to stop streaming any of Freddie Gibbs’ music. “Let’s be clear, I’m not telling anyone to delete Freddie Gibbs music, I’m just not biting my tongue about the type of person/father he is anymore,” she says in one of the now-deleted tweets. The accusations have come shortly after the release of his last record, a collaboration with Madlib titled, Bandana.  

Brad Barket / Getty Images

This situation isn’t the first time Gibbs has faced incriminating accusations; he actually wrote Bandana with the intention of it being his last album while facing prison time in Austria for sexual assault. Luckily, Gibbs was acquitted of all charges in that case and has been able to continue making music.

You can find screenshots to all of the tweets over on Reddit. Freddie Gibbs has yet to respond.