50 Cent has had a storied career in several industries. He's known as one of the greatest rappers of all time but he's also taken over recently as a television producer, establishing himself as a strong force with Power and the numerous spin-off series surrounding it. He had to struggle to get to this point though as evidenced by the photos that continue to circulate from his 2011 acting role in All Things Fall Apart.

Whenever somebody has a personal issue with Fif, they always bring back the viral photos of the rapper from All Things Fall Apart, where he portrays a football player who is suffering from a deteriorating illness. Fiddy dropped over fifty pounds for the role, hitting 160 pounds and losing a lot of his muscle. While he gained it back, Freddie Gibbs argues that it might not have been worth the battle because nobody actually even watched the film.

During his conversation with Joe Rogan on the latest episode of the Joe Rogan Experience, Gibbs brings up 50's movie look after Matthew McConaughey's weight loss was mentioned. "50 Cent did that sh*t, it was trash though," said Gibbs. "You remember when 50 Cent got skinny for that movie? Nobody watched that sh*t."

Chris Scott/Getty Images

The conversation shifts to Christian Bale before jumping back to 50 Cent when Gibbs suggests he can use some donation money. "Damn, 50. He got skinny as f*ck for this sh*t," he said. "He looks like a Nigerian Olympic runner. But we didn't watch that movie."

Joe Rogan was visibly surprised with 50's transformation when he was looking at pictures, saying, "Look how skinny he got! But still, he looks kind of jacked. But still, he's kind of ripped. He's got chest muscles. He looks like a runner. His face looks like sh*t but his body looks like he's a runner. He didn't get as bad as Christian Bale."

Do you remember when Fif lost all that weight? Listen to Freddie Gibbs discuss with Joe Rogan and Brian Moses at the 54:30 mark.