Freddie Gibbs cemented his position as one of rap's elites with his 2014 joint effort with Madlib, Pinata. Although Gibbs has continued to dish out solo material, fans have been eagerly waiting for the arrival of its sequel, Bandana. Gibbs previously confirmed the project is complete; he's just waiting for the right to release it. However, it looks like the time might be coming soon as both Gibbs and Madlib took to social media to tease the project.

The follow-up to Freddie Gibbs and Madlib's Bandana seems to be coming soon. The two took to social media to share a 20-second snippet of unreleased music from their highly anticipated project. The post includes a photo of Quasimoto smoking a cigarette on top of a zebra. Gibbs shared the post with the caption, "Part🦓 🦓" while Madlib simply shared the post.

2018 was a highly productive year for Gibbs who released his solo project Freddie as well as his joint project with The Alchemist and Curren$y, Fetti. The rapper confirmed Bandana would drop this year after he and Curren$y dropped their project. 

After releasing Freddie, Gibbs told RapRadar that he completed the album, but he wanted to wait for the right time to release it.

"I feel like it's so serious that I have to kind of like wait to put that out." He explained, "I'm talkin', like, recording over something like over a course of like three to four years, you know what I'm saying? It's like a lot of things that was goin' on with like the jail thing and all of that stuff. There was a lot of things that I wanted to culminate in this album, so I wasn’t ready to put it out yet.”