Freddie Gibbs is off the tail-end of his first Grammy nominee. Although the Best Rap Album award ultimately ended up going to legendary emcee Nas, the Gary, Indiana native still ranks high among reputable critics as one of the most respected rappers in the game. Joking about his loss at the time, he reasoned, “Look, I might have lost today, but I’m undefeated in court!” Alongside the release of his flaming new single "Big Boss Rabbit" today (April 2), the Alfredo artist announced brand new merch to accompany it.  

Cassidy Sparrow/Getty Images for Interscope Records

"New merch now available at," wrote the Grammy-nominated lyricist on Twitter. "#BIGBOSSRABBIT," he finished, referencing his new single. Pieces in the new merch line include rabbit-themed sweatshirts, short and long-sleeve shirts, and hats. 

He teased the release of "Big Boss Rabbit" in the days preceding its release on Twitter with different rabbit-themed animations and graphics as well. While it's unclear what else he has up his sleeve at this time, fans are convinced he and fellow emcee Benny The Butcher possibly have a joint project coming up, with the latter fueling these rumors.  

Check out all the new merch on his site here and let us know if you'll be picking anything up. Also, be sure to stream "Big Boss Rabbit" if you haven't already.