Freddie Gibbs has been on a tear this week. He has promised to "torture" DJ Akademiks until the hip-hop media personality quits his job and now, he's going after those associated with him.

In the midst of his heated feud against DJ Akademiks, Freddie Gibbs checked his direct messages to find several reach-outs from none other than Celina Powell. Not well-versed in the world of the Black Widow's thottery, Skinny Suge asked his followers who she was before getting his answer.

"Who is this whore and why is she talkin about my kids?," asked Gibbs on Twitter. "Pussy must not be selling in the pandemic."

In the attached media, the rapper exposes a couple of messages that Celina Powell sent him, insulting his young child and correcting him on some Ak misinformation.

An old story has been circulating from Ak's ex-girlfriend, which Celina Powell wanted to correct Gibbs on. In the picture, Ak's girl claims that they have broken up but still live together. However, it's an older upload from over a year ago.

Celina took aim at Gibbs' son in the message.

"Listen I know your child has Down syndrome n it must be hard raising that bitch but don't be posting MAD OLD SHIT," wrote the clout chaser. "Ak don't live with that bitch."

Freddie Gibbs Celina Powell
Michael Bezjian/Getty Images

In his response, Gangsta Gibbs hit her with the: "Pardon me whore, who are u?"

What do you think of the disrespectful exchange?