Freddie Gibbs has been violating Akademiks on social media since last night. After Gibbs claimed that Jeezy was no longer musically relevant in 2020, Akademiks attempted to devalue both Bandana and Alfredo by referring to Gibbs as irrelevant, as well. He woke a sleeping giant. The two have been going at it with Ak drunkenly going on a tirade during his live stream last night.

There's a lot to unpack in their beef but one notable aspect is when Gibbs said Ak was "built like a Teletubby." Ak was clearly too inebriated to even clapback properly, stating that he's built like Gibbs' bank account before deleting the tweet. Unfortunately for Ak, the Teletubbies bit stuck and Gibbs is now pedaling "Fuck Akademiks" shirts immortalizing the meme. Sold in black and white, the front of the shirt includes a meme of Akademiks' face plastered onto a Teletubby's body while the back of the shirt reads, "Akademiks Is The Police." The shirt's are selling on as part of the "Fuck Akademiks" collection.

"All proceeds go towards gettin this fuck nigga out the rap game," Gibbs tweeted out along with a link.

Earlier today, Gibbs made an oath to torture Akademiks until he quits his job. Though it seems unlikely, the antics that will ensue will likely be nothing short of entertaining. 

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