When it comes to people's Top 5 picks and, generally, any sort of list, people love to chime in on the people that were left out. The beautiful thing about music is that everybody's taste is different. However, I'd like to think that we all can recognize good music when we hear it. The same can be said for bad music. There are clearly a few artists that are exceeding their potential at the moment as we've been wowed by so many up-and-comers, veterans and everybody in between in 2018. Freddie Gibbs is getting set to release his Fetti collaboration with Curren$y in a few days and as we wait, he decided to shine the spotlight on a few rappers that he thinks deserve it.

His list is pretty straightforward as he names a handful of artists that have each had incredible years. He begins with Pusha T, who recently released one of the best albums of his entire life. Kodak Black, Travis Scott and Gunna follow as he clarifies that his list is in no particular order. The final names included are Offset and, of course, Curren$y. Gibbs notes that he "just think they got the best shit to listen to right now," and in many ways they do.

Freddie is keeping himself busy until the end of the year as he works on Bandana before heading out on The Freddie Tour. What would you change about his list?