Things have been going very well for Freddie Gibbs in recent times. The release of Alfredo has earned him yet another Album Of The Year contender while he recently earned his first Grammy nomination for the project. And additionally, it seems as if his war with Akademiks has ended in his victory.

Akademiks took to Twitch yesterday where he revealed that Everyday Struggle was coming to an end in part due to the tumultuous few months he's had. The personality revealed that his comments about Chrissy Teigan plus his back-and-forth with Gibbs were contributing factors to the decision, though he maintained that he was still on good terms with Complex.

Of course, the mere mention of Gibbs' name summoned Freddie's ruthless nature on Instagram. And though he's been reported for "bullying" in the past, he was not going to allow this moment to pass without chiming in. The rapper shared a slew of clips from Akademiks' Twitch stream along with his own series of captions, starting with, "N***a got fired."

When Akademiks started complaining about the praise Gibbs received from Complex, Freddie Gibbs reminded him that he's long-deserving of every title he can get. "Lyricist of the year. Real n***a of the year. Gangsta of the year. Gimme all my flowers bitch," Gibbs wrote. Of course, it was only right he brought back the "Fuck Akademiks" freestyle." Gibbs also made sure to clarify that he never actually threatened to harm Akademiks -- just squeeze his breasts. 

It seems like all of Freddie Gibbs' premonitions have come true. Not only did he vow to destroy Akademiks, including the release of the Teletubby shirt, he also received some smoke from Jeezy just a few weeks ago. If you recall, Ak stated that Jeezy would never respond to Freddie Gibbs due to how "irrelevant" he is. Lo and behold, Jeezy drops, "Therapy For My Soul," addressing the situation with Freddie Gibbs for the first time in a long time. 

Looks like Gibbs is trying to put the nail in the coffin on this beef.