The riot on Capitol Hill was a terrifying sight that, truthfully, many had known was a likely outcome of the 2020 elections. Pro-Trump supporters flooded Capitol Hill where they stormed Congress, smearing shit on the walls and taking selfies. Of course, they set themselves up for their own downfall by leaving footprints on the Internet. 

Ultimately, it's Donald Trump who's taken the biggest L in this situation. Even more than his supporters who've been getting ID'd and arrested in the past few days. Twitter officially took a stand against Trump, as did plenty of other social media websites, and even e-commerce sites. Shopify has shut down stores connected to Donald Trump and his campaign in the wake of the Capitol riots. 

If there's one person who can relate to being booted off of a social media platform, it's Freddie Gibbs. The Grammy-nominated rapper recently got taken off of Instagram due to the NSFW content that typically exists on his Story. Gibbs has managed to find his way onto the platform, unlike Trump. Gibbs is arguably one of the funniest rappers in the game and the power of his meme-game is truly unlike any others. Sharing a screenshot from Fox News that apparently revealed a list of tech companies that have banned Trump, Gibbs simply wrote, "Fam can't even use the Internet."

But, he did have a few questions that needed to be answered such as whether Trump is able to get himself an Uber. And while Shopify's ban has now prevented Trump from selling merch, Freddie Gibbs directed him to the next best thing: OnlyFans.

Peep Freddie's tweets below.