Things aren't looking great for Antonio Brown these days. The former Patriots player was accused of sexual assault by his former trainer and was subsequently booted off the team for his antics in general. You see, Twitter isn't the place to express your feelings over professional matters but considering AB doesn't necessarily follow protocol, he sent out a spree of disparaging tweets with one of them referencing Robert Kraft's scandal at the beginning of the year. 

Freddie Gibbswhose takes on the NFL haven't been well received in recent times, sat down with Jalen & Jacoby to discuss the recent controversy surrounding Antonio Brown. Gibbs joked by saying that AB is heading to the XFL if he decides to pursue football after he re-enrolled himself into college. But after getting some jokes off, Freddie Gibbs pointed out that Antonio Brown could've have foreshadowed the outcome of the situation after tweaking on social media. In fact, he claimed that if Brown thought that speaking out against NFL owners would work out in his favor, he should've looked at Colin Kaepernick's situation.

"I think Antonio Brown's going to the XFL. You can't diss an NFL owner," he said. "If Colin Kaepernick ain't show you that -- I don't know. They'll gang up on you, they'll collude and they'll do whatever they gotta do to keep you out of the league."

Following reports that Brown's antics cost him $40M, Freddie explained that any $40M loss for a black man in America is a travesty. "Any loss a black man for $40M, that's a loss to Black America -- that's a loss to generational wealth," he said. "If he would've just chilled out for a couple of more months, he would've got his money.

Peep the clip below.