Freddie Gibbs may not be pressed to follow the various Hip-Hop trends that come and go, but he has made a spot for himself within the culture nevertheless. Over the years, Gibbs has dropped acclaimed projects such as PiñataYou Only Live 2wiceBandana, and most recently Alfredo. His latest album has even garnered him a Grammy nomination for "Best Rap Album" in the upcoming Grammy ceremony.

In addition to the music, Freddie Gibbs is known for his comedic antics as well, from roasting fans (and DJ Akademiks) to providing funny commentary on rap-related news like Lil Uzi's new forehead diamond. In a move that some fans may have never seen coming, Gangsta Gibbs recently made an appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience and discussed a myriad of topics, from crack to R. Kelly.

One clip that has really gone viral from their entire episode is the bit in which Gibbs reveals that he once shot a crackhead nine times, but the crackhead kept running.

In the clip, Freddie Gibbs nonchalantly states, "You know, this is some real shit because there's a crackhead back in the day. I shot him that n**** nine times with a TEC-9, and he kept running down the alley." Joe Rogan and Brian Moses looked momentarily flabbergasted by the Alfredo rapper's admission, but they ultimately just smoothed by that part and continued to discuss the differences between crack and cocaine.

Checking out a longer clip of the exchange definitely provides more context, so you can watch that moment from Freddie Gibbs' Joe Rogan appearance in the clip below. Hopefully, Gibbs' comments won't result in any legal action taken against him.