Freddie Gibbs Unpacks "Bandana" Favorite "Situations" On "Between The Lines"

Alex Zidel
July 12, 2019 11:00

Freddie Gibbs speaks on his cousin, his grandmother and writing from prison in "Between The Lines."

When Freddie Gibbs went into the creation of Bandana, he wanted to touch on subjects that he had never previously discussed in his music. Because of his legal struggles, the rapper wasn't sure if this would be the last album he would ever be able to release so he wanted to make sure it meant something. With the success that Bandana has already garnered, we can comfortably say that every goal Gibbs set out to hit was met. The project is an Album of the Year contender and by the end of 2019, we're confident it might get nominated for a Grammy Award. The 37-year-old spitter recently stopped by our offices to chat about the album, unpacking one of our favourite songs on Bandana with an in-depth analysis.

On Between the Lines, we look closer into some of our favourite songs to find things that maybe we didn't notice the first time around. Gangsta Gibbs decided to look into "Situations," telling us that this track, in particular, shows exactly what he was trying to prove on the entire body of work. "This album was basically like a manifesto for me. I was saying a bunch of shit that I probably shouldn't have said," said Gibbs with a laugh. "I made some people mad but they'll get over that shit."

In order to get into the right mood, Gibbs says that he was bumping Bone Thugs' song "Days Of Our Lives," which is one of his personal favourites. He says that before getting locked up, he was messing with that one song heavy and it inspired him to come out with "Situations." 

From his stint in Atlanta to his connections with his uncle, grandma and cousins, Gibbs goes through a lot on "Situations." Watch his explanation of the song above and check out Bandana here.

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