Donovan McNabb has been catching some flack as of late for his criticism of Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz. Wentz has been injury prone and McNabb believes the team should go after a different quarterback if Carson can't prove himself in the postseason. Due to McNabb's comments, some of his former teammates are coming out of the woodwork to claim that the Eagles alumni QB is a habitual player hater.

One of those teammates is wide receiver Freddie Mitchell who told TMZ that McNabb was jealous of his success and popularity. McNabb's jealousy was so rampant that it even spilled into his dealings with management. Mitchell alleges that McNabb ultimately cost him between $20 and $40 million in contract money because of his hating ways.

In a recent radio interview, Mitchell said McNabb's hatred for him was so bad that he even strippers knew about it.

"I had strippers come up to me and say 'man, why does he (McNabb) hate you," Mitchell told 97.5 The Fanatic. "I'd be like...'What are you talking about?' I'd be trying to have a nice time and they'd say, 'Why does he hate you so much?'

McNabb had a very public falling out with wide receiver Terrell Owens back in the day so it wouldn't be surprising if there is some validity to what Mitchell is saying here.