Fredo Bang is no stranger to the street life. Last month, the rapper sent out a friendly warning to rappers about sharing images of their loved ones online. "Street Guys, Be Smart On Posting Y’all Mother. Make Sure Y’all Not Putting Her In Harms Way for a Post," tweeted the rapper. "#HappyMothersDay [gorilla emoji] [red heart emoji]."

In a new interview, he recently confessed how he needs to see a $100k check to perform in his hometown. Likely in connection with his street-dude status, the Baton Rouge rapper explained the different things he would have to deal with if he was hoping to do a show back home. 

"Baton Rouge, you need something extra?" asks the VladTV interviewer. "Yeah, definitely," answers Fredo. "Well, one, I'm at a nice amount per show right now. And two, I haven't performed in Baton Rouge since 2015 or 14? And when I did perform in Baton Rouge back then, it was little team parties, it wasn't no actual club, you feel me?" 

He continues, "Nobody in the city wants me to get my own show or throw a lil bash...if y'all don't wanna let me do my thing, ima charge you to let you do your thing. That's just how it's going." 

"And on top of that, I gotta deal with the mayor and em, the police force, and all that stuff. I gotta get harassed to come down, I might end up getting searched, it's all types of things that could happen. I gotta have my momma waiting up all night until I leave the city, for all that I need to be compensated," he explained. 

When he puts it like that, the hefty sticker price he's asking for makes sense. What are your thoughts? Let us down in the comments.