The use and/or the abuse of lean has been a hot button issue in the world of hip-hop for some time, but it has been gaining even more steam over the past few months. Young Thug, Lil Wayne and many others are all rumored to be emcees who have suffered some serious medical complications due to their overindulgence in the drug, which is commonly used in many pockets of the United States, particularly in the South. Now, another rapper has come out and admitted that substance abuse was behind a recent hospitalization, an incident which he says is making him consider getting clean for good.

Fredo Santana, an up-and-coming personality who was forced to delay the release of his upcoming album due to liver and kidney failure, has shared at least part of the story with his followers on Twitter. Over the course of several posts, he not only admitted to overextending himself when it came to drug consumption, but also detailed a pretty scary scene that managed to finally open his eyes to the consequences of such substance abuse. You can peep all his tweets below.

"Hopefully I can be the face to sho n****s to slow down [...] we got our whole life ahead of us," he said. "F**k being rock stars gettin high I got ptsd..." The traumatic incident he's referring to nearly left him for dead, as per his recounting of the details. "Gino found me on da floor shaking bleeding out the mouth having a seizure," he continued. "S**t could a been the end." While it's a scary notion to accept that Fredo Kruger nearly left us as a result of drug use, the rapper is determined to get his life back on track once he's released from the hospital. Apparently, he's even considering checking into rehab in order to vanquish this habit of his once and for all.

Though it's unrealistic to expect that the hip-hop community suddenly does a complete about-face in terms of its opinion on drug use in general and perhaps lean more specifically, there's no denying that Fredo speaking up as he did should open up at least some eyes to the dangers you accept when partaking in that kind of activity.