Earlier this month, the lord gave us the Dipset reunion track we've been waiting for. While the track itself fed the satisfaction of Dipset fans who've been patiently waiting for a reunion for years, there was a particular line from Cam'ron that stood out to everyone. Cam'ron rapped, "No disrespectin' the ladies, word from my team/ That's the reason Dame smacked Harvey Weinstein/ On the set of Paid in Full, y'all gave him hell about it." The line came out while the allegations against Harvey Weinstein were surfacing and the line itself made Dame look like a martyr for his actions. While Cam said it was over disrespecting women, Freekey Zekey explained that wasn't the reason why Dame Dash slapped Harvey Weinstein.

Freekey Zekey and Juelz Santana sat down with MTV where the topic of that line arose. They asked if Cam ever told anyone the story and Freekey Zekey said he was actually there went it all went down. The reason for Dame smacking Harvey Weinstein apparently had nothing to do with Weinstein's inappropriate behavior towards women and more to do with him stepping on Dame's toes.

"You see the mothafucka was talking stupid shit and Dame said, 'Stop talking that stupid shit,' and he said one more stupid shit and then he got slapped. The end," Freekey said.

Juelz Santana sat next to Freekey and started cracking up at the story. However, he too was curious as to what exactly Weinstein said to trigger Dame into slapping him.

"He tried to tell Dame he didn't know what he was doing. He tried to tell Dame about a situation with Po and Rich [Rich Porter & Alpo from Paid In Full]. He was like, 'Nah I think we should do it in this form and fashion," Zekey said.

While Juelz admitted he had no idea who Weinstein was, Zekey continued to explain that while Weinstein tried to tell Dame what needed to be done to the characters in the film. After Dame told him he "wasn't there" to make suggestions on what should've gone done, Dame then slapped Weinstein.

The movie was distributed through Miramax, which was founded by Harvey and Bob Weinstein. However, one of the production companies was Dame Dash's Roc-A-Fella Films.

Watch the clip below: