Freeway's flow is pristine as ever. His appearance on Fun Flex brought us to speed on the coming and goings of a persistent figure in the Philly hip hop scene. Since the dissolution of Rocafella Records as we came to know it, Freeway resorted to the Independent circuit, cementing a winning combination with Seattle's Jake One. He has also successfully upheld the spirit of State Property by staying on the national radar while other Philly talents such as Peedi Crakk and Beanie Sigel loosened their grip. Most admirably, a recent health scare, described as a bone chilling affair, has done little break his spirit or derail his interest in doing what he knows best: spitting bars for his akhis.

The Philly legend now refers to himself as "the flyest n**** on dialysis." He recently opened up about his return after a two years of constantly monitoring his kidneys and receiving periodic treatments. He spent a good amount of his freestyle ruminating over his struggles, while crediting his religious faith as a soothing agent. His unique rhyme schemes allow him, as always, to distill strong images with next to nothing but a few descriptors. His offhand line about Trump and the White House is a good example, or the subtle mention of Meek Mill, teasing a more intimate response.

Freeway who has been faithfully married for years, still warrants "four Sanaa Lathan's" just to get his night started. Free also took a moment to wax poetically about the changing of the guard at the ROC as did former Rocafella intern 'Pain in Da Ass' who was also in attendance lending his trademark "Tony Montana" impersonation to the session. Peep the freestyle in full down below.