Over multiple Instagram posts, French Montana revealed the release date for Coke Wave 4, the 4th installment in his longstanding series/partnership with Max B. The announcement, rendered to us over just over 18 hours ago, proclaimed a final deadline for the project in 3 days, which by my calculations equates to a Tuesday release: June 9th.

Last we heard, Coke Wave 4 was rendered complete at the end of May, in a video posted by French on his Instagram page. While he gloated about his accomplishment, a studio engineer appeared next to him in a seated position, hard at work.

Scoot on over to Max B's well-kempt Instagram and you'll find a teasing trailer for the mixtape. As you'll see, the video makes use of "old clippings" like imagistic relics of Drake embracing Montana, or a meet-up with DJ Khaled, with but one glaring omission: a Max B still lingering behind a jail cell. But hopefully not for much longer, because French Montana seems all but willing to give this Coke Wave relaunch his everlasting support.

Couple that with the fact, Max B is set to release an album titled Negro Spirituals, within the foreseeable future. Max B's reps informed Rolling Stone Magazine of his plan, in conjunction with the release of his latest single, the James Brown-inspired "Black and I'm Proud." Are you stoked on Coke Wave 4, Negro Spirituals? Hit us with your thoughts.