French Montana, Blueface & Lil Tjay "Slide" Into Mobster Outfits

Devin Ch
April 18, 2019 11:03

French Montana debuts the "Slide" video in mobster regalia.

Before it was ever converted to a video, "Slide" was already emitting all kinds-a color-coded frequencies. French Montana and guests Lil TJay and Blueface came together like a worker's union to create a song so eventful, it even beckons to the past - i.e "Dre Day."

Yes indeed. French Montana adopts the "Dre Day" delivery at the midway mark. It's at this point a "West Coast" synths changes the course of the song. Blueface stays true to form, as does Lil Tjay - all boasting intentionally different styles, like a dictator speaking their piece at the UN to a cautiously optimistic reception.

In the recently published "Slide" music video, Blueface pulls out the mop in L.A. Confidential-era South Central. All three men are outfitted in oversized mobster outfits reminiscent of Jim Carrey's The Mask. The video kicks off with the same level of adherence to theme, with a masked assailant letting the purple fumes dissipate from a Tommy Gun. The "Slide" video is really fun, the only I would change, personally-speaking would be to add a second set location - but that's French Montana for you.

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